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The Vis Retreat is a gathering that brings together naturopathic medical students with elders in our field that have been practicing for over 35 years. The weekend takes place in a beautiful natural setting at the Camp Jubilee in North Vancouver, BC. Guiding the weekend are seven elder naturopathic physicians presenting lectures and talking circles that will serve to connect students with the roots this medicine grew from. Thematic focuses of the retreat include finding connection to the heart, emotional awareness and working with the Vis through somatic therapies. The weekend will also feature seminars on breath work, yoga, and hydrotherapy.

“The Vis retreat means creating space to ground into the essence of naturopathy. The retreat is the cornerstone of my year, reinvigorating and inspiring the philosophy and how to ground it in our medicine. Not only is it a weekend to cultivate our unique identities as healers, but to connect and build community with students and doctors."

– Lauren Russell, Student 20A

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