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Past Vis Retreats (2016, 2017, 2018)

 In 2016, Hannah Webb devoted herself to organizing the first Annual Boucher Vis Retreat.  Thanks to Hannah's vision, creativity and passion, Boucher students got an opportunity to come together to learn from elder doctors about the roots of naturopathic medicine.

The experience of that first Vis retreat left a deep impact on those who attended. The next year Mason Bresett took the reins and organized an unforgettable Vis Retreat 2017. 

In 2018, the Vis Retreat was a collaborative effort between Nadine Crowe (19B), Jayelle Haavaldsen (19B), Alex Tumbach (19B) and Lauren Russell (20A). After previously attending the Vis Retreat, each of them felt inspired and connected to their peers, the elder doctors and nature. For them, the weekend gave a more clear understanding and appreciation of naturopathic roots, beyond what could ever be learned in a classroom setting.


In 2019, the Vis Retreat organizing group (VROG) included Erin Chambers, Kayla Ekkel, Adam Godkin, Joe Borlinha and Michaela Johnson. These 5 were very excited to be continuing on the Vis Retreat tradition in bringing an understanding of naturopathic roots and the healing power of nature the students, friends and family of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine.

 Now we are on the heels on the 5th Annual Boucher Vis Retreat. Without the dedication of the previous organizers, we would perhaps be missing out on some of the most important lessons of our education. We are enormously grateful to them for the energy they've invested into the Vis Retreat.

Then Vis organizing group for 2020 is Meghan Fowler, Dianne Marasigan, Charlena Marcuccio, Katherine

Bouscher. We are excited to share a weekend full of learning and relaxation! We have a fun weekend planned and hope to see you all there!

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